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eye doctor and team in Cromwell, CT

It’s the commitment Dr. Greene and his staff make to patient education and providing personalized eye care that sets our practice apart from others. During your visit we’ll take the time to fully understand your concerns, visual demands and medical history. Dr. Greene will then conduct tests specific to your visual tasks at home and at work. Tests that evaluate, for example, your vision for computer work, night driving, flying an aircraft, playing tennis and countless other tasks.

Most importantly, is the comprehensive evaluation of your eye health, especially as it relates to your medical and family history. A clear view into the back of your eye, the retina, can reveal signs of general health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes along with certain eye conditions like cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. Dr. Greene utilizes new laser technologies which provide the most accurate examination possible for retinal photography, corneal and optic nerve imaging and computerized visual field testing.

At the conclusion of the examination Dr. Greene will review his findings and fully educate you on your visual and eye health status. Recommendations will be made for vision enhancement as well as for the prevention of future vision and eye health problems. You will also be educated on the latest lens technologies for your eyewear, such as digital progressive lenses and polarized transition lenses. All of this with the ultimate goal of increasing the quality of your life.

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Introducing the newest dry eye technology offered in our office! TearCare®a novel in-office thermal therapy and gland clearing for patients who suffer from dry eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), or blepharitis. Click the link to see more information. or read more on our website under services/dry eye.

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Please arrive on time for your appointment and be prepared to have a health screening and temperature check. Please wear a mask into the office from your home. Our appointment hours have slightly changed to accommodate disinfection of the office between patients. Anyone entering our office MUST have an appointment, including eyeglass and contact lens pickup and only those with appointments (with the exception of an aide, translator or a guardian) are allowed in the office. Thank you.